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Story Slam: All Roads Lead to Moab

with The Storied Self

10/1 from 5:30 p.m. to 8 p.m.

Moab Arts Stage Room (111 E 100 N)


Beneath the wingate’s varnish lies a fervent magnetism. It pulled you in, yes? Sure, your van’s belt gave out, but wasn’t it meant to be? Maybe this has always been home; ranching and ‘ranium in the rearview, some new layer rearing its head beyond the river’s edge, and only you know about it.


We’re all caught in the same passage, the handle of the million-pronged fork: all roads lead to Moab. No? Tell us about your arrival, landing, stranding, or homecoming. At some point, you realized there was no turning back. Maybe you resisted it, maybe you relished. Has your dust settled yet?

Storytelling will start at 6, doors open at 5:30 pm. Names will be drawn from a hat at the start of the event and storytellers will have 5–8 minutes (max) each to tell their own, true story based on the theme. No reading off notes, no stand up comedy, no props. No experience necessary and all are welcome!

Main photo courtesy of Sallie Hodges, others courtesy of The Storied Self.


The Storied Self is Moab's own local story slam event.

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