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Shared + Sown

with Adobe Garden Apothecary

9/30 from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m.

Street Fest on 100 North (111 E 100 N)


How do you envision a sustainable and collaborative future? How can we nourish and steward the land we love and reside on with our collective future in mind? What do native plants have to say to us, when we listen? How can we collaborate despite dichotomies? The botany definition of dichotomy is branching into two equal parts, yet the separation leads back to a world where it is all one. Where do we come together?


Write your answers anonymously on a seed packet of native seeds to pass on. Pick up a message from someone else to plant.

Bottom photos courtesy of Adobe Garden Apothecary.


The mission of Adobe Garden Apothecary is to make plant medicine accessible to everyone. Adobe Garden also holds a small but mighty mercantile space that is passionate about supporting small, marginalized peoples businesses that historically do not receive the same amount of capital as most businesses and corporations. Uplifting these communities, the local Western Slope~Southeastern Utah communities mutually uplifts ourselves. Rest assured knowing your goods were ethically sourced, curated and made by the hands of someone who takes pride in their craft and community. We stock in very small increments which encourages products to truly be made with you in mind.

@adobegarden on Instagram

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