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Below is a list of important points for participating in the Red Rock Arts Festival, 
Plein Air Competition:

These items must be agreed to for participation in the 2019 Red Rock Arts Festival Plein Air Competition:

  1. Entries WILL NOT be accepted if the authentication stamp is not visible on the back of actual painting surface or canvas.

  2. Entries will not be accepted if they are produced using manipulated photographic processes, computer enhanced imagery, or any image NOT created in the pure intent of outdoor, on location, plein air painting. Mixed media processes are acceptable, but MUST be applied to a surface by the hand of the artist.

  3. At least 90% of the artwork must be produced outdoors in the spirit of plein air.

  4. Only one stamped artwork per category per artist may be entered into the competition.

  5. It is highly recommended that pastels, drawings, watercolors and the like be presented under glass to protect the artwork.

  6. All paintings must be framed and have wire on the back for hanging.

  7. The maximum size of artwork accepted is 24” X 24” (not including matte and frame).

  8. The Red Rock Arts Festival retains 30% of all sales of artwork produced during the competition and festival week, whether entered into the competition or art sale. Checks for the sale of artwork will be mailed to artists after the festival. Additionally, any sale made either by agreement with the buyer prior to the competition or through arrangements following the competition are subject to the same agreement.

  9. Images of artists participating in and artwork produced during the Red Rock Arts Festival may be used in festival publicity (website, posters, advertisements, etc.).

  10. Registered artists agree to respect both private property owners by securing permission to go onto their property and public lands by following the use regulations of the various land management agencies (i.e. obtaining necessary use permits, staying on designated roads and trails, etc.).

Artists will be asked to confirm that the above rules and guidelines were followed when artwork is submitted for the competition.

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