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Junkyard Reverie

with Molly Marie Gurney and Rachel Toups

9/29 from 6 p.m
to 7 p.m. + 9/30 from 3 p.m to 4 p.m. + 10/1 from 4 p.m. to 5 p.m.

Moab Arts Side Yard (111 E 100 N)


Junkyard Reverie is an immersive exploration of imagined futures. This installation and performance features a portal through which those visiting are transported to a post-apocalyptic sanctuary of the future. In this strange sacred space, the visitor spins the wheel, consults the oracle, and ponders meaning-making. At a time of cultural and existential uncertainty, Junkyard Reverie invites participants to consider our human relationship to — and effect on — the world around us.

Drawing provided by Molly Marie Gurney/Rachel Toups.

Molly Marie Gurney is a Vermont-raised visual storyteller with a passion for making the unseen, felt. Over the past decade, she has integrated her art practice into community organizing work, employing creative expression to evoke emotions and inspire action. Drawing from personal embodiment and collective experiences, Molly has dabbled in various mediums including public installations, community mapping, murals, illustration, graphic design, poetry, and physical performance. She seeks to explore the edges - between her body and the world, between the seen and unseen, and between comfort and change. Molly has lived in Moab since 2020.


Louisiana-born artist and musician Rachel Toups spins tales of nature – both the endless inspiration of the natural world and the depths of humanity – through a variety of media including drawing, music, installation, and performance. Drawing on a background in theater and storytelling, Toups uses playfulness as means by which to explore the richness of our human experience. Toups was a 2021 Church of Noise funded artist, a 2018 artist-in-residence at Prairie Ronde in Vicksburg, Michigan, and graduated from San Francisco Art Institute with a BFA in New Genres in 2013. Toups has been living in the Moab area since 2022.

@racheltoups on Instagram

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