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Radioactivity and Black People in the Richest Town in
the U.S.

with Chip Thomas and the Moab Museum

10/1 from Noon to 2 p.m.

Moab Arts (111 E 100 N) + Moab Museum Side Yard (118 E Center St)


Chip Thomas, aka “jetsonorama” is a photographer, public artist, activist, and physician who has been working on the Navajo Nation since 1987. As part of this year's Red Rock Arts Festival, he will be installing two new murals in Moab - featuring historic photographs selected from the Moab Museum's Collection. The community is invited to join Thomas, the Moab Museum, and Moab Arts for an opening and discussion. Thomas will introduce the two new murals in Moab, and discuss how they relate to his larger body of work across the southwest – including his recent work on a new exhibit entitled buffalo soldiers: revision at Fort Garland in Colorado. Join us at Moab Arts, where we will walk around the block to see the murals, then return for discussion.

Header image of Charlie Glass, third from left, courtesy of the Moab Museum.

Images from La Isla Memory, 2019, courtesy of 
Chip Thomas

Chip Thomas, aka jetsonorama, is a photographer, public artist and physician who has been working in a small clinic on the Navajo Nation since 1987. There he coordinates the Painted
Desert Project which he describes as a community building dialog which ultimately manifests as a constellation of murals painted by artists from the Navajo Nation as well as from around the world.


Thomas’ own public artwork consists of enlarged black and white photographs pasted onto structures along the roadside primarily on the Navajo Nation but all over the country. His motivation is to build community while reflecting back to Navajo people the love they’ve shared with him over the years. Thomas was a 2018 Kindle Project gift recipient and in 2020 he was one of a handful of artists chosen by the UN to recognize the 75th anniversary of the UN’s founding. He has no formal artistic training but identifies strongly with the DIY energy of punk and hip hop.

@jetsonorama on Instagram

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The Moab Museum is a cultural and natural history museum dedicated to sharing the rich stories of the Moab, Utah and greater Canyonlands region through exhibits, programs, and community events. For more information please visit or find us on social media.

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