Plein Air with Clive Tyler - 3 Days


Plein Air with Clive Tyler - 3 Days


Capturing the Light in the Pastel Landscape

Any Medium Plein Air Workshop with Clive Tyler
3-Day Workshop: Thurs. Oct. 4 - Sat. Oct. 6, 2018
Please note that workshops take place both indoors and outdoors, weather permitting.

All mediums welcome: All can benefit from good painting designs and knowledge of the 16 classic landscape compositions, color theory, the science of color temperature and value shifts. 

In this class we will explore impressionism and abstract style while creating representational Plein Air landscapes filled with light. Daily demonstration will touch on under-painting techniques, color theory, and back painting techniques that add mood and emotion into the painting. The goal is always to expand on Plein Air to create landscapes that are rich and painterly by using edges, bold strokes and color to bring freshness to each painting. We will work one day, weather permitting, en Plein Air.  Throughout the workshop we will practice creating, not duplicating, as we work to capture the essence of the scene in a way that expands your potential as an artist.

Keep in mind, you may be in the field most of the day. You will want to bring plenty of water, a lunch, sunscreen, comfortable shoes and shade if possible!

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Supply List:

Pastels Soft- I use Sennelier (the 1/2 stick landscape set) or the Paris set.
Plein air easel
Artist umbrella
Sanded pastel paper: U-Art 500 or up to 800.

  1. I Dry mount my paper to a gator board 3/16".
  2. Sizes- 6x8, 8x10, 9x12 and larger if you choose.
  3. Other assorted pastel paper.

Old paint brush
Hand wipes
Sketch book
Fine sharpie pen
Small hand- (plastic hand clamps) to hold board to easel.
Pastel pencil-  darks & terra-cotta color.
Some landscape photos

Artists may bring one or two paintings with them for composition help or problem solving, started or finished.