line up
east forest headlining
halfway winds
jazz trio
leraine h


12-1:15pm Railbirds


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1:30-2:45pm Dave Steward Trio


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3pm-4:15pm Halfway Winds

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4:30-5:45pm Leraine Horstmanshoff

Music has always been an integral part of Leraine’s life. With a trunk load of instruments from guitar to didgeridoo, Leraine expresses her inner light through music. Leraine knows how to capture her audience with her dynamic music that has the listener intently in AWE! She's funky, fun & does not hold back.  "She's part of what makes this place different...and yes, cool. It's a groove thing. Go see for yourself." --Slug Magazine

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6-7:15pm Matt Venuti

Matt Venuti is a full-time touring singer-songwriter and a renowned player of the Hang, Gubal and other instruments that are created by the Swiss company Panart. His songs explore the gamut of “the rhythm of life” which is also the title of his latest album that charted in the top 10 on international radio charts and was nominated as one of the top vocal albums of the year by One World Music in the UK. A regular performer at TED and TEDx events, Matt is based in NY and San Francisco but loves the Southwest, as his award winning video, Desert Dreams depicts.

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7:30-9pm East Forest

“We forget that we are nature. We feel so much separation in our modern life, inundated with so much information; I believe our solutions will come from the inside out. They’re already here, we’re just uncovering them. It’s all a process of discovery. We need to give space for that which wants to emerge — making this music is my way of creating some space, and inside I hope we can hear an answer.” – East Forest