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David Steward Trio featuring Jeff Gutierrez

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The David Steward Trio draws on a wide variety of jazz styles from 30’s era hot swing guitar to cool bossa nova and more modern takes on jazz standards. Lead vocals are shared by two of its members in addition to purely instrumental numbers.

David Steward is known as a versatile guitarist and singer playing many styles of music. He has been a long time singing cowboy, is known to yodel on occasion and also plays rock and country as well as jazz. Currently he flatpicks with Sand Sheff’s bluegrass group Quicksand Soup.

Glenn Sherrill is known as Moab’s busiest guitarist. He is a key member of the Rogue Assets, he shines as bluesman Johnny Rawls sideman, sits in with local jam legends, Stonefed, as well as accompanying David in various projects.

Ryan Barnum is a talented multi-instrumentalist and vocalist. He is a wonderful solo performer and songwriter who plays drums in the group. His smooth vocals will have you thinking of late nights and smoky bars. He is also a percussionist in the Fiery Furnace Marching Band.

Jeff Gutierrez is a tenor saxophonist of amazing range and depth. He leads the popular Fiery Furnace Marching Band which can be found leading spontaneous dance parties around town and also appears at various festivals in the region. He also plays in Colorado-based reggae band, Niceness.

Haley Noel featuring Plucky Vigors

Haley has been kicking it in the Southwest for a year and half since she moved out to Moab from the east coast. A queer folk musician, Haley Noel released her first solo EP, Wanderings, in 2018. Taking influence from Folk, Blues and Bluegrass Haley Noel's performances pair banjo with heartfelt and poignant vocals. Banjo tunes ranging from wistful to upbeat provide the backdrop for lyrics highlighting adventures of love, joy, and sadness with themes of admiration for the land, whiskey, and dancing throughout. Besides playing music, Haley is on the organizing committee for Moab Pride and works at the Moab Valley Multicultural Center. Vigorous Pluckers will be joining with some original music, ft. Cali Bee, Grace LaFace, and Anni Gordon.

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Roma Ransom


Great music should do three things- connect you to the past, inspire you to envision the future, and find you wholly in the present moment. Roma Ransom does all three. Their repetoire includes old-time traditional ballads like Shady Grove and St.James Infirmary as well as sounds from European cultures, mainly that of Romania (hence the duo's name) yet the music of Roma Ransom is distinctly their own. The sultry sweetness of Grace Easley on vocals paired with the couples' vast instrumental array combine to form a style that can fit the mood for any setting. The couple was trained classically from an early age, (Grace on violin/viola, Gordon on guitar) making them an excellent choice for weddings and banquets in addition to their usual venues, namely restaurants, coffee shops and pubs.


Jon O. Radio

Jon merges raw acoustic guitar with bass and percussion accompaniments, tasty grooves and lead abound. Looping live since 2001 -One man band entertainment.

Leraine Horstmanshoff


A traveling minstrel from birth, Leraine has extensively traversed the world, becoming known for performances that are ‘honest, gritty [and] exude confidence and individuality.’ (Cathy Gardiner, Harbourlight, New Zealand ). At one point, she embarked on a four-year tour of Europe where she earned her keep by playing music on the streets.


Mike Toninelli & Eric Jones

Mike-the-accordion-painter-Toninelli has been sharing his singular style of accordion music in Moab for the over forty years. Eric Jones, on mandolin and guitar, currently plays with Quicksand Soup and The Rogue Assets. In the late-90’s Mike and Eric teamed up to play with local Celti-billy band Keltika. They have recently united to rekindle their genre-bending style on classic European tunes, Appalachian gems, and pieces from the great American songbook.

Run On Sentence


Run On Sentence is an ever-evolving musical project fronted by Dustin Hamman. His lyrics also function as a credo, a statement of what he believes as opposed to what words merely fit the syllables and the rhyme scheme. These are songs that he can get up and sing honestly every night, squeezing out every note with every drop of breath left in his diaphragm, because the songs are true. As he sings towards the end of their latest album, FEELINGS, “I just want to feel, God DAMN that’s what feelings are for.



FMC is an improvisational jazz/dance/funk fusion project based out of Moab, Utah. Guitar, bass, vocals, and drums form a psychedelic patchwork of original sounds that range from soft ambient textures to full-on grooves.



Ticklefoot is a super Soul Groove ensemble capturing the elation and enthusiasm of a churning dance floor. The band dips into Rhythm and Blues, Soul, and Funk while showcasing regional and local musicians.