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Frequently Asked Questions
What is Plein Air?

En Plein Air means ‘in the open air’ and describes the act of painting outdoors. While artists have long painted outside, the popularity of plein air painting increased in the 1870′s with the introduction of paint in tubes and the box easel. Plein air painting challenges artists to work fast, channeling a quickly changing environment onto paper or canvas.

Can I purchase art supplies in Moab?

There is one new art supply store in Moab, Imagination Station. She has stocked her store with Plein Air supplies and frames! Back of Beyond Books also has a small art supply section. Their selections may be limited.

What are Quick Draws?

A Quick Draw is a timed art competition. Artists complete an entire painting within a specified amount of time and in a designated location. This is a great spectator event. Don’t miss out, stroll downtown Moab! Watch artists transform urban scenes into beautiful must-have works of art . Come see the finished treasures at the Art Sales at the Moab Arts & Recreation Center.

What is a Paint Out?

A fun-for-all-ages event open to the public and non-registered artists – a free art project for anyone who wants to pick up a paint brush – especially children and those that think they have no ability to paint. All supplies provided.

What is the Art Sale?

It is a room of art work featuring recent works by our artists including but not exclusive to works created during the festival. Priced from $20 – $2,000, you can find art for any budget.

What is the Awards Ceremony?

See winners announced. Who will get Best of Show? This a great chance to meet your favorite artists and cheer on the award winners!


What is there to paint in this area?

The competition allows painting in a 50-mile radius of Moab.  You will find stunningly colorful sandstone rock formations, the peaks of the La Sal mountains, crystal clear creeks, and more!

What type vehicle do I need?

The Moab area is accessed via Highway 191. There are numerous painting opportunities accessible along or just off paved routes.  If you prefer to paint in more remote locations, an AWD or 4WD high-clearance vehicle will allow you more options.

What is the weather like in October?

The average daytime temperatures are in the low 70s and the average evening temperatures are in the 40s.  Rain is common in October.

Does the 24" x 24" size limit include the frame?

All pieces submitted to the Art Sale or Competitions must be no larger than 24"x 24" (NOT INCLUDING THE FRAME OR MATTE).

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