Jill Carver Workshop

Supply List

Try to organize your equipment so that you can carry it all in one backpack, or one easel and one bag. Strip your kit down to the essentials. (We will not be doing long hikes in this workshop but you may need to walk, with your gear, for  5-10 mins or so – if you do need to use wheels, a dolly should work quite well at our locations).


Easel: I prefer the following easels (for reasons I’ll explain in the class.)

  • Open Box M, EasYL, Strada, EdgePro, or Soltek. (Bring what you have if you don’t have one of these).



Bring good quality paint - no student grade oil paints - they will only frustrate you. (I like Gamblin for their quality of pigment, consistency and price – if you can bring this brand with you, that helps me out… particularly when I am trying to help you mix colors – since as you know brands vary wildly.)


  • Titanium White or Titanium White/Zinc Blend

  • Ivory Black (for notan and grey studies only)

  • Cadmium Yellow Light

  • Cadmium Orange

  • Yellow Ochre

  • Cadmium Red Light

  • Alizarin Crimson

  • Ultramarine Blue (Gamblin please)

  • Cobalt Blue


*You may - if you wish to - bring acrylic black and white for the notan exercise.


I request that you try this palette of colors for the workshop week. Even if you are used to other pigments, I’d like to try and stick with this palette.



Good quality bristle - I like Grand Prix Silver or Robert Simmons (both available at Jerry's or Dick Blick). I use long filberts or extra long filberts - sizes 4 – 12.


Painting panels:

panels work best outdoors – gessoed or linen/canvas boards. I use a variety of brands. Fredrix and Dick Blick do ones that are very economically priced and great for multiple studies and exercises. If you are flying buy gatorfoam or featherlite canvas panels to avoid weight issues. RayMar, New Traditions or Wind River Arts all do great quality panels.


Suggested size and quantity:

4 small canvases (your choice of 6 x 8 or 8 x 10) plus 2 mid-size (your choice of 9x12, 10x12 or 11 x 14) AND 2 – 12 x 16.

Brush cleaner:

Filled with odorless turps (must be odorless or you will not be allowed to paint in our indoor facility) - Turpenoid or Gamsol are great. Plus small turps cup for clean turps. I will provide Gamsol for those flying in.


  • Paper Towels

  • Sketchbook

  • Black Sharpie

  • Viewfinder

  • Red Acetate Value viewer


(I’ll have some viewers and red acetate viewers available for purchase)


Please bring a packed lunch.


Recommended Reading:

  • Ernest Watson, ‘Composition in Landscape and Still Life’.

  • Ted Goerschner 'Oil Painting - The Workshop Experience'

  •  ‘John F. Carlson's Guide to Landscape Painting’

  • Edgar Payne, 'Composition of Outdoor Painting'

  • Kevin Macpherson, 'Landscape Painting Inside and Out'


(At the workshop you will receive a booklet with an extended recommended reading list along with recommended DVDs).


I will be doing demos in the field, so you might want to consider bringing along a folding chair for your comfort.


Any other questions on supplies contact me direct at: artist@jillcarver.com

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