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Water Texture


Ripples & Reflections:

Exploring Water's Transformative Impact on Community

Moab Arts invites you to submit work to a Community Art Competition that will be on display during our 2024 Red Rock Arts Festival.

Pieces submitted should fit the theme chosen for the 2024 festival.



Max Dimensions:

 2D & 3D - 4ft x 4ft (indoor show)

Call with questions regarding size.


Any medium is accepted providing they fit the size requirements.

Mediums include, but are not limited to photography, mixed media, ceramics, woodworking, drawing, painting &

small scale sculpture.

Number of Pieces:

You may submit up to three (3) pieces.*

*if we're over registered, we may only take two pieces from each artist.

Deadline & Drop Off:

The last day to sign up is September 6.

Work must be dropped off between September 3 and 20.

Artist Reception:

Come see all the work and artists, September 27, from 4:30 - 6:30 p.m. Voting starts here! 



Pieces submitted should fit the theme chosen for the 2024 festival,

Ripples and Reflections - Water’s Transformative Impact on Community.


Adult: 13+ 

Youth: Under 13 years old



Each person can vote one time in each category. One vote in the adult category and one time in the youth category. 

People's choice award, up to $500 for adult and $200 for youth categories. Piece to be purchased by the City of Moab as part of our permanent collection.

The top five pieces will get ribbons and be posted for sale on the Moab Arts website for one year, and be on display at the Moab Aquatic & Fitness Center or City Hall.

FREE to Submit Art

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