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Thursday, October 7th from 7-9pm
FREE in the Stage Room at the MARC (111 E 100 N)

What does it feed? Why did it end? Who will untangle? Where next? Some lie exposed, others burrow deep. A root system can bring peace and conspire against it. It can convince you to fly home and remind you of why you tolerate Uncle Ed every Thanksgiving. Maybe you've put down some roots, maybe you've just tripped over a prickly pear (I'm so sorry).

Moab is full of root systems worth discussing. Be they in the ground or in our heads, staking some unseen claim or springing the smallest shrub, no one lives untouched by a root system. Yes, we've been told to not 'bust the crust,' and don't you stop treading lightly now! But on October 7th, we hope you'll help us unearth some of the roots of our lives.

Interested in reading at this event? We are seeking readers!

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