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2022 Workshops


Virtual Film Workshop: History of Westerns and How to Filmulate with Brian Higgins

Wednesday, September 14th
6:00 PM - 7:00 PM

Free, Google Meet link below

Registration in the Film Competition not required to participate.
History of westerns square.png

Join us for our first WILD WEIRD WACKY WESTERNS workshop and presentation.

Westerns have been one of the most popular film genres since the beginning of motion pictures. 

In fact, one of the very first films was a cowboy shooting at the screen, which caused crowds to run from the theatre!

During this presentation we'll showcase some fan favorites and lesser known of the

wild, weird and wacky members of the genre to help inspire you on your own filmmaking

journey and cause crowds to run to the theatre and see it!

We'll also be giving an overview of the fest and how to get involved.

Presented in partnership with the Moab to Monument Valley Film Commission


*Competition registration is free for Grand County and San Juan County Middle and High Schoolers. 

Plein air pic.JPG

Plein Air Workshops with Dustin Hardgrove

Monday, September 26th, 3:00 PM- 6:00 PM

Saturday, October 1st, 8:00AM - 11:00 AM

Locations: TBA
Plein air is the act of painting outdoors. Come explore the charms and frustrations of live painting outside! Learn specific skills and materials that can lend toward success in this challenging practice. These workshops are appropriate for all skill levels and artists over 14 years old. Oil painting materials will be provided. Experienced painters are encouraged to bring their own materials. The workshop will focus on Oil Paint, but any medium is welcome. Beginner artists will be encouraged to draw in charcoal.

The workshop is free but registration is required, limit of 12 people per session. 

About the instructor: Dustin Hardgrove discovered art practice at nearly 30 years old, after many years spent contemplating and writing about philosophy and critical theory. Art appeared as a new and appropriate avenue to explore ideas of nature, environmental devastation, existence and resistence. He is a working class artist whose creative process has blossomed in the free hours aside from labor as a fine carpenter. The ethics of hard work and precise craftsmanship have all transferred into his practice as a studio and outdoor painter. Dustin attended classes at the Art Students League of Denver from 2012-2019; and was mentored by notable artists Kevin Wechback and Ron Hicks.
IG @hardgrove_d

Virtual Film Workshop: Filmmaking Tips with Brian Higgins

Wednesday, September 21st
6:00 PM - 7:00 PM

Free, Google Meet link below

Registration in the Film Competition not required to participate. 
Tips and Tricks square.png

Join us for our 2nd WILD WEIRD WACKY WESTERNS workshop and presentation.


Whether you have signed up for the competition or are still thinking about it, this is the time to jump in and get the filmmaking tips and tricks to help you make the best film but also have the best time doing it! We'll go over everything that is Filmulate


From the beginning to the middle to the end. From storytelling to uploading and everything in between.

Presented in partnership with the Moab to Monument Valley Film Commission


*Competition registration is free for Grand County and San Juan County Middle and High Schoolers. 

Thursday, October 6th
11:30AM-1:30 PM
Location: The MARC (111 E 100 N)
Free, r
egistration not required

CANCELED—Poetry Workshop: Uncommon Time with
Shari Zollinger

Could we say that as a community it’s been an uncommon time? Yet, to speak is to speak for yourself. What has been your relationship to time? Has time shown up as shapeshifter, one day elongated, the next day in short supply? Would you say your concept of time changed over these past few years or more broadly, when have you recognized an era of your life when time played a lead role?

In lieu of this workshop's cancellation, please feel free to explore the following "uncommon time" prompts independently: What is time to a body, how do we feel it and what tools do we use to measure it? Can we think of time as an absurd tender, frightening commodity, playful passage, pup wriggling or sandbar receding? If you’ve seen time, not visualized, I mean you’ve seen it. What was that vision? In what habitat do you make time your domain? What is an interruption? What is it to share time? Where does time go? Consider time as healer, mender, separator, connecter, individual or collective: recorded, acknowledged, curious, off beat, funky, weird, unexpected, unfamiliar, unconventional, rare, framed, spaced, shared, coveted.

About the instructor: Native of Utah, Shari Zollinger has a BS in History from Utah State University. She spent six years of her life living in Taiwan, part of that time spent attending the Stanford Inter-University Program for Chinese Language Studies in Taipei. Her love of language has directly inspired her work as a poet. Her poems have appeared in the Sugar House Review, Redactions: Poetry and Poetics, and The Desert Voice. Her book, Carrying Her Stone was inspired by the works of Auguste Rodin and Camille Claudel. She works at Back of Beyond Books in Moab, Utah as their lead buyer.


Songwriting Workshop:
Lyrical Localisms with Brian Laidlaw of The Family Trade

Thursday, October 6th
5:30 PM - 6:30 PM
Location: KZMU Radio Station
(1734 Rocky Road)
Free, registration not required
Laidlaw PhD photo.JPG
Songs often originate from nothing more than a tiny ripple of language: a surprising image, an unfamiliar idiom, a slip of the tongue. In his travels as a folksinger and site-specific artist, Brian Laidlaw has found that every single place has its own rich trove of "localisms," everyday sayings that exist only in that particular community and landscape. (For example in Duluth, Minnesota, some locals say "the hawk is out" when the wind off Lake Superior is blowing especially cold and hard.) As it turns out, these sayings can provide ideal starting-points for writing songs of place; in this workshop we'll do some brainstorming of "lyrical localisms" from our own home-places, and then work through the process of building an entire song out of a single phrase.  The song written in-workshop will be performed at Saturday's Street Fest. 

About the instructor: Brian Laidlaw is an author-songwriter who, after completing a PhD in Creative Writing at the University of Denver, now makes his home in Moab, Utah. His previous releases include the poetry collections The Stuntman and The Mirrormaker (Milkweed Editions) and the new vinyl LP This Aster (Fonograf Editions.) Brian is also a co-founder of Unrestricted Interest, an organization offering creative writing mentorship to neurodivergent poets and songwriters. He continues to tour nationally with his band The Family Trade, and moonlights - often literally - as a rock climber.

Family Friendly Pottery Workshop with Liz Ford of Desert Sun Ceramics

Friday, October 7th
Open House from 3PM - 6PM
Location: Desert Sun Ceramics (1320 US_HWY 191)
Free, r
egistration not required but reservations encouraged
Join Liz Ford of Desert Sun Ceramics for a family friendly pottery making open house.  Choose from a variety of hand building projects, designed for ages 3 to adult!  Projects will take 15 minutes to 45 minutes to complete.  Wear your messy clothes and bring your fun attitude!  Children under 12 must have an adult accompany them.

*Pottery cannot be taken home the day of, it will need to be fired at Desert Sun and will be available for pick up at the Moab Arts after October 12th.

Paper Mache Mask Making Workshops

Saturday and Sunday Workshops have been cancelled. 
Stop by the demo booth at Street Fest on Saturday, October 8th to learn more about paper mache art and an upcoming performance by Bread & Puppet.

Join Bread & Puppet on Friday, October 14th at Swanny Park for a paper mache mask making workshop proir to their performance on Saturday evening, Oct 15th at Swanny Park.
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